We Need To Read More Robert E. Howard

Have you read Robert E. Howard? At all?

Well, don’t feel bad. I know plenty of people who haven’t even heard of the man or his work. Sure, everybody seems to know about Conan, but that’s because of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Truth is few have bothered with one of Howard’s books (and there are quite a few of them since the man was a pulp writer). If they did they would quickly realize about what they have been missing.

Kull, an Atlantean king from the ancient Thurian Age (in Howard’s universe that’s before Conan), Solomon Kane, a late 16th century Puritan who wonders through Europe and Africa with the sole purpose of vanquishing evil. Bran Mak Morn! Bran Mak Morn for God’s sake! The last Pict King! Howard wrote a character who believe it or not ends up connected to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos!

There are so many adventures from Howard and yet none of them seem to be around anymore. Walk into any bookstore and ask for a collection of his stories. I dare you; they won’t have the slightest idea of who you are talking about. They simply won’t know the man’s name other than from “Conan”.

A few years ago, well, a while ago, “DEL REY” published a beautiful collection of Howard’s stories: The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane. The edition came with a blue cloth slipcase, full-color plates, two collector’s postcards, thick paper, I mean real thick paper–it even came with a freaking CD! You could listen to Howard’s poems while reading his stories. Simply amazing.

The stories were illustrated by Gary Gianni. That’s the award-winning comic artist by the way, for those of you who don’t know. He worked on Prince Valiant, Indiana Jones, The Shadow, George R. R. Martin “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” and on many, many more. He’s a terrific artist. One of the best, and I don’t say that lightly. If you haven’t seen Gary’s work you haven’t seen Sword and Sorcery.

The edition was fantastic and I say was because it is now out of print. If you are lucky you might find one online for two, three thousand dollars. But for the most part, they are gone and I doubt DEL REY is planning on printing another batch anytime soon. Why? Because people don’t read Robert E. Howard anymore! For some reason, for any reason!

It is a crime against fiction. It is a crime against the genre. People just don’t know about Howard because they haven’t even heard about him. Its a marketing problem that needs to be solved, that should be solved before he sinks into obscurity like it often happens with many great pulp writers.

Howard deserves better. We deserve better.

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